SCFF 1-TRX 10G & 25G NRZ

Product SCFF 1-TRX 10G & 25G NRZ Product SCFF 1-TRX 10G & 25G NRZ


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Size, efficiency & versatility all the way to 28 Gb/s

The rugged SCFF ("Small Cubical Form Factor") is a 1-channel duplex multi-mode (850nm) on-board transceiver with a 12pin electrical interface (SMT) complying  specification SFF-8431 for high speed interfaces. 

It operates at data-rates up to 25Gbps in harsh environment:

  • Operating case temperature: (-40°C;+85°C)
  • Shock: (500g;1ms) per MIL STD-883 Method 2002.4
  • Vibration: 20g@[20-2000Hz] per MIL STD-883 Method 2007.3

The SCFF series has first been introducted in 2009 for 10Gbps speeds. A new rugged version of the SCFF has been developed by AAOP in 2019 to answer the needs for increased data-rates (25Gbps) and harsh-environment applications. The rugged SCFF is a “chip-on-board” transceiver leveraging state of the art 25Gbps chipsets from the data-com industry (VCSEL drivers, TIA, VCSEL, PIN Diodes).

The rugged SCFF is mounted on a PCB using two screws and is solder-mount on the rear connector. Its height has been optimized to be lower than 10mm above the PCB to fit the state-of-the art electronic casings.


Features & Benefits:


  • Small Cubic Form Factor (SCFF): half the area of an SFP+
  • Data rate transparent from 1.25Gbps to 28.05Gbps*
  • Duplex LC optical interface 
  • SFF-8472 compliant two-wire control and diagnostic interface (i²c)
    • Tx Power monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Input voltage (module)
    • Rx Power monitoring (RSSI)
    • Bias current monitoring
    • Programmable input equalization
    • Programmable output amplitude and de-emphasis
  • Enhanced Bit Error Rate (1e-12) requires no or limited FEC
  • Programmable input equalization
  • Programmable output amplitude and de-emphasis
  • Clock and Data Recovery*
  • High link-budget (14dB nominal at 10 Gbps)


  • Uses 2x less board space than SFP+ form factor
  • Supports standard and non-standard protocols in this range of data rates (10GbE, 25GbE, 8G/16G/32G Fiber Channel…)
  • Ideal for applications requiring safe optical connection
  • Allows for transceiver optimization and monitoring connection discovery, channel diagnostics, and signal status monitoring
  • Lower system latency and better system performance
  • 16dB of signal peaking at 14GHz to compensate for suboptimal signal condition*
  • Compensate for PCB traces loss for proper signal conditioning
  • Guaranteed performance over full data rate range
  • Low power consumption (<0.45W at 10Gbps [0°;+85°C] Tx+Rx)

* for 25Gbps version only

Additional information

PIN Symbol I/O Description
1 GND Power Common Ground
2-3 TX-, TX+ Input Differential Transmitter Data Input, AC coupled
4 TX VCC Power Power Supply Transmit Side
5 TX_DIS Input Transmitter Disable
6 SCL Input I2C, Serial Clock
7 SDA Input/Output I2C, Serial Data
8 SD Output Receiver Signal Detect
9 RX_VCC Input Power Supply Receiver Side
10-11 Rx+, RX- Output Differential Receiver Data Output, AC coupled
12 GND Power Common Ground





  TRX- xx- S000- xx- S1- x- x- 0
Data-rate 10- 10 Gbps            
25- 25 Gbps            
LC- LC            
AR- ARINC801            
Case Operating
C- [0°C, +70°C] commercial temp.        
E- [-5°C, +85°C] extended temp.            
A- [-40°C, +85°C] mil. aero          
Coating 0- no coating            
1- conformal coating          


SCFF 25G block diagram


SCFF 2-pager
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Ask an Expert: SCFF #shorts
The LEAP® On-Board Transceiver is a rugged 12-channel duplex optical transceiver capable of running data-rates of up to 16Gbps per channel (192Gbps cumulative) on multi-mode fiber.
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The SCFF evaluation kit allows assessing the performance of the SCFF modules for their operation in specific end-user applications.
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